Ep 002 An Agent w/ the Soul of an Innovator – Greg Fischer of BendStation.com

Marguerite Giguere
/ March 28, 2016

I didn’t launch this thing I was working on until I was resolute that I would do it relentlessly and publish on a regular schedule… I think at scale that there’s just this really poisonous conversation people have with each other around what their volumes are like and I think that there’s just too many factors outside of it to make these conversations meaningful. Frankly, I’m not very interested in them. – Greg Fischer


Greg Fischer has been in real estate since 2006. Greg was active duty in the US Navy from 2004 – 2010 and in the reserves 2010 – 2014. His real estate story began in Fort Worth, Texas shortly after moving from San Diego. There were 4 years of overlap where he was serving in the Navy AND working in the investment property/property management business. Frankly, Greg’s story makes my head spin. From property management to new construction to opening a brokerage to working in software- Greg follows his instincts and craves innovation.

Greg’s latest project, BendStation.com is an innovative approach to building a real estate business in a new community. With no sphere of influence and very little cash outlay, Greg is creating a tool that both serves the community he lives in, builds his own knowledge of the community, and generates a steady stream of clients. BendStation.com is a resource for people interested in moving to Bend, Oregon. It’s part blog, part podcast, and part straight talk locals guide to the community.

“It’s really evolving around news events and podcasts,” he says. “It’s a very interesting project and it’s interesting because I’m new to the area and I get very passionate about the places I’m living in.”

Links to sites covered in this podcast:

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